Tiberias, Israel Travel Guide

Tiberias is recognized as one of Jewish holy city along with Safed, Hebron, and Jerusalem, a famous base for Christians visiting holy sites, and the venerated Jewish sages’ burial place. Also, it is one of Israel’s most aesthetically challenged resort towns. Its sunbaked lakeside strip is marred by architectural monstrosities. So the kitsch and the sacred – plus ultra-Orthodox population, hot springs, and beaches – coexist side by side in a whirl of hedonism, hawkers, and holiness. Acquaintances of mine that own Albatross Roofing were almost taken a back when they made a pit stop here during their trip through Israel. Here are some of the must-see attractions in Tiberias, Israel.

Usually, it is Israel’s religious and historical significance that draws many visitors, both faith and secular. But the Hamas National Park is a place that brings together moments of cultural significance through its marvelous Severus Synagogue and the natural world via its hot springs bounty. Dating back to almost 230 CE, the synagogue has been renovated several times since then, however, the original mosaics and tile-work are still well-preserved and intact. Once you are done learning about history, take a dip into Tiberias hot springs mineral-rich waters.

Another great way to enjoy your stay in this city is to walk on the beach. Stroll along the Tiberias Promenade, a popular boardwalk. It is understandably thronging with travelers and locals alike. You will be glad for the company as you stroll along with the sound of crashing waves, the sunset, and a breeze from the Sea of Galilee. The promenade features local artists and food stalls. In the evening, you can settle for a multisensory light and music show, complete with fabulous and pyrotechnics fountains.

One of Tiberias’ most frequented spots lies on the Sea of Galilee western shores. Even if you have not heard of the well-known religious scholar buried here, the monument dedicated to him is enough to pique your curiosity and attract your eye. Moses Maimonides’ gravesite has survived since his death around 1204. Apart from Maimonides, this historic place is also the burial site for other major religious figures: Yochanan Ben-Zakkai and Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz.

Mount Arbel isn’t just for climbing enthusiasts and hikers. Scaling her cliffs through the land tracks is for those who can’t resist the old city’s view. The most amazing part about the view from Mount Arbel’s top is the amount of access it gives visitors to the rest of the country; an unobstructed view of Mount Hermon and Golan Heights. The site is the only site in Israel that is state-sanctioned for base jumpers.

Before concluding your visit to Tiberias, make sure you visit the Gai Beach Water Park. This beach park is open to travelers of all ages. Located on Lake Kinneret shores, the park combines children’s play area, wave pools, landscaped and well-maintained area for sunbathing as well as exquisite restaurants.